Why Burning Paraffin Wax Candles is Bad for You

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Without even realizing it, you may be burning paraffin throughout your home while exposing yourself to the health hazards associated with it. If you love burning candles, you need to know the harms of paraffin wax, and why you should stop using candles made from it. Although paraffin has played an important role in candles, now’s the time to begin looking elsewhere.

Where it comes from and why it isn’t the healthiest ingredient to use in candles?

Candle wax is a by-product of petroleum. It first became a popular ingredient for use in candles around 1867.

In present day, after it’s scraped out of oil refineries, paraffin wax is usually bleached by adding dioxin; texturized with acrolyn (a known carcinogen); and then mixed with animal-based stearic acid (a nasty byproduct of the meatpacking slaughterhouses) to harden it so that it can be made into candles.

What are the biggest harms associated with burning paraffin wax?

Have you ever found yourself rubbing your eyes not long after lighting a candle? As an eye irritant, it won’t affect everyone in the same way. However, it can cause itching, tearing, and sometimes soreness. So, if you want to be kind to your eyes, it’s a good idea to look elsewhere for candles.

Sore eyes are only the tip of the iceberg, though. There are other ways that paraffin candle waxes can harm your health:

Aggravating your lungs

When you light a paraffin candle, you’re releasing dangerous chemicals into the air. When paraffin candles burn, they emit black soot and toxic fumes (similar in chemistry to diesel exhaust) containing poisonous chemicals such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene, tri-decane, tetra-decane, penta-decane, and hexadecane.

According to one study from the University of South Carolina, those chemicals are associated with asthma, the exacerbation of respiratory conditions, and allergy-like reactions.

Irritating your skin

Your skin isn’t immune to fumes in the air. And depending on the quality of the paraffin that’s in your candles, you may find that those fumes cause itching. They could also make existing dermatological conditions worse.

Ok, so paraffin is bad… But I love candles!

If you’re worried about giving up your love for candles, don’t to be. Fortunately, all our candles at Areli’s Soy Candles are made of 100% soy wax that is completely harmless to you and your family. We also use:

Pure cotton wicks

We also use 100% natural cotton wicks. Much like the type of wax you use, the wick can affect the quality of the candle and the way it burns. Some wicks contain metal filaments like lead to help them stand upright which are very harmful when burned.

Pure cotton wicks don’t feature the same chemicals used to mordant (prepare) synthetic wicks. As a result, they’re less likely to release toxic chemicals into the air that you’ll then go on to breathe.

Essential oils instead of chemical fragrances

Essential oils are made from pure plant sources. They are processed from flowers, barks, herbs, and seeds and contain zero synthetic ingredients.

In fact, essential oils are known to possess therapeutic properties based on the specific natural compounds found within each plant. For example, lavender is known for its calming properties while peppermint may enhance mental clarity.

We use only natural essential oils so you can enjoy your candle without exposing your body to phthalates and other toxins found in chemical fragrances.

Now that we’ve established the harms of paraffin wax and the alternatives that are available, it’s time for you to get shopping! Check out all our fragrances and get a special discount when you subscribe to our mailing list.