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Sage and Palo Santo are used to cleanse, a practice that eliminates all the energetic waste that may have accumulated over time and return to a state of peace and harmony. This practice is very comparable to washing your hands before eating.

La salvia y palo santo se utilizan para limpiar, una práctica que elimina toda la basura energética que se puede aver acumulado a lo largo del tiempo y regresar a un estado de paz y armonía.  Esta práctica es muy compara a lavarse las manos antes de comer.

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Soy candles hand-poured in elegant crystal container 80z. These candles were made with the intention for cleansing and protection. Have been (Dressed) Mixed in with White Sage and 5 Quartz that will give more power to your candle.


CITRINE- abundance, prosperity, positivity, energy and protection.

CARNELIAN- Confidence, optimism, energy.

ROSE QUARTZ- Love, passion, sensuality, peace and tenderness.

AVENTURINE- cleansing the negativity, attracts happiness and good luck.

AMETHYST- Helps meditación, calm, balance, espiritual peace, and promotes good Health.

SAGE STICK- Cleanses out the negative energy from your Home, office, or places of meditation.


INTRODUCTION  FOR USE: Let the candle burn until it forms a pool of wax that reached the edges of the container. This is NECESSARY to prevent tunnel burning.

When melting an oil pool is formed which you can use to soften hands, elbows and feet, also provides natural antioxidants for your skin.

Al fundirse se forma una piscina de aceite el cual puedes usar para suavizar manos, codos y pies, ademas aporta antioxidantes naturales para tu piel.

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